About the Photographer

"My path to pet photography began with a desire to chronicle the lives of my two Labrador companions, Henry and Annie. I wanted to capture and document their uniqueness, not just with glamour shots but with shots of them being their sandy, slobbery, fun-loving selves. I wanted a collection of images that would make me smile long after they had crossed the rainbow bridge. Some years later, pet photography seemed a natural evolution. Today, I am in the business of doing what I love for others who share my desire to document the lives of their animal companions.

I also have a passion for rescue photography. I am a volunteer at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter where I take photos for the shelter’s web and social media sites. I also volunteer my services to other animal welfare non-profits in the Santa Cruz area. In rescue photography, I especially love photographing animals deemed more difficult to adopt out – seniors, those with health issues or breeds considered less popular among potential adopters. My goal is to capture images that will catch the eyes and win the hearts of potential adopters.”

Sonia Gates

Sonia Gates lives in La Selva Beach, California